ماژول گیرنده RXB54

ماژول گیرنده ASK با گیرندگی بالا

RXB54 superheterodyne radio receiver module, is a superior performance of the ISM band receiver module. Uers used in Taiwan brand

Industry-level RF receiver chip wireless data transmission, with high receiver sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability, without any additional


HE circuit which can be a wireless signal input to the data signal output. Users only need to plus simple data decoding circuit, namely

Can easily achieve the development of wireless products.


2. Product Features


(1) receiver sensitivity reach -108dBm;

(2) Operating frequency: 315 MHz; (special frequency can be customized according to customer requirements)

(3) Power supply voltage input range: 2.4V-5.5V;

(4) Low power consumption, 2.6MA ; data transfer rates up to 10Kbps

(5) good selectivity and spurious radiation suppression, and easy to pass CE / Fcc international certification;

(6) Good local oscillator radiation suppression, can work (ie, more than single income) and will not interfere with each other along with multiple receiver module,

Used together does not affect the receiving distance.

(7) Temperature range: -30-85 ℃ can work even in harsh ambient temperature;




(1) car remote door switch (RKE);

(2) remote control door opener;

(3) wireless security alarm;

(4) remote control curtains;

(5) wireless industrial controller;

(6) a wireless data transmission;


3. Product Pin Description


4. Electrical parameters


5V power supply temperature 25 ℃ frequency 315MHz Test Condition

Parameter Symbol Status Reference Unit


The minimum standard maximum

Operating frequency Fc 314.90 315.00 315.10 MHz


ASK modulation

50 Ohm antenna receiver sensitivity direct input / 1K Kbps -108 dBm


Receive 200 KHz bandwidth


Receive on-time Ton 9 ms


Working current IRC 2.5 2.6 2.7 mA


304.3MHz 30 dB image rejection


Decoding maximum output voltage RL = 500K 5.5 V


Decoded output voltage 0.5 V minimum


Operating temperature -30 +85 ℃


Pin Name Function Description

1 ANT antenna input

2 GND Power Ground

3 VDD Positive Power Supply

4 DATA data output

5 DATA Data Output

6 GND Power Ground

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